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Why Refurbished?

7 reasons for choosing refurbished IT equipment

When purchasing IT equipment, you might come across various conditions - for example, some equipment may be used, some may be refurbished, factory sealed, and so on. So why choose refurbished equipment over new or used? Here are 7 good reasons for doing so!

Buying refurbished is getting popular nowadays, with more and more companies choosing to purchase products refurbished either by the manufacturer or by a distributor. These products are generally thought of, as in between new and used, in terms of price and quality. However, while they are greatly reduced in price, just like used products, they are guaranteed to be high quality, just like new products. Moreover, you can get refurbished equipment from various sources - third party maintenance companies, distributors, independent traders, and so on, while new parts are usually only available through the manufacturer, certified re-sellers and distributors. There are many other reasons for choosing refurbished - here is 7 of them:

1. Up to 90% cheaper than new counterparts

Both refurbished and used products are noticeably cheaper than new ones. The reason behind it is obvious - it is not new anymore, and most likely there are newer models or versions out on the market already, further reducing the value of the product. Even if new counterparts are still available, refurbished parts will still be cheaper. In some cases, a product might be up to 90% off the original price! Even if you are not restricted to a budget, it would be worth it to check the price difference before you make a purchase.

2. Guaranteed high quality

The quality of the product is a very important factor in every purchasing decision. It does not matter how cheap the product is; if it breaks within a few weeks, then it is not worth it. While the quality of used products might be questionable, refurbished products will work just as well as a new counterpart would. The refurbishment process itself is very thorough and includes multiple rounds of testing, diagnostics, and - if necessary - repairs to ensure that the item is in good condition, and meets every requirement that the manufacturer has set for that certain product. When you buy refurbished, you can expect the product to be just as good as a new.

3. Available immediately for shipping

When you order a new part, it can take weeks to get it from the manufacturer, especially if it is a bigger or more complex order. Refurbished parts on the other hand are available immediately, or with short lead times. They are usually available from multiple vendors and multiple locations, so you can simply buy it from someone that can deliver it within the required timeframe. There are many options and a great deal of flexibility when it comes to buying refurbished.

4. Easy to find spare parts for older systems/equipment

Manufacturers provide support to their products - but after a certain time, they will eventually retire the product or product line, and once it reaches the end of life status, there is no more support or new spare parts available. This can be a bit challenging if you have an older setup. Many companies keep their old setup even if it is officially retired - after all, if the system is still functioning well, it does not make sense to update. In a case like this, refurbished parts can help you extend the life of your system. Refurbishment keeps old parts in circulation, so it is easy to find spare parts, matching equipment, and other necessary products for older and EOL setups, even years after the manufacturer has stopped support and production.

5. Long warranty

It is important to consider the length of warranty, regardless of the type of product. Even the most reliable brands and products can have unexpected problems, and having a warranty on them ensures that the cost of repair/replacement is covered by the seller. Distributors of refurbished products usually offer longer than usual warranties, depending on various factors, for example the age and type of the product, its official status (retired, EOL, EOS) and so on.

6. Independence from product life cycle

As mentioned before, manufacturers will eventually retire products and product lines after about 5-6 years. Retiring a product does not mean that it cannot be used any longer, or it will not work anymore - it is simply a business decision. As newer and newer generations enter production, it is simply not logical to continue the production and support for older ones. Once the support has ended, you are left with two options - update to a newer generation, or turn to the refurbished market. Choosing refurbished products gives you independence from the manufacturer-defined life cycles.

7. Environmentally friendly

Last but not least, refurbishment is good for the environment. Refurbishing old and used equipment instead of throwing them out reduces electronic waste, as well as maintaining an older setup does too. Naturally, this is not the most important factor to consider when making a decision about upgrading versus maintenance, but it is good to keep it in mind. Choosing to buy refurbished instead of new has a positive impact on the environment, and reduces the ecological footprint of the company.

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